Converting text from TheWord to MS Word or pdf

If you choose to use MS Word or a pdf to annotate the text, follow the instructions below.  (click the image(s) to enlarge)
First, open up WHM in TheWord and navigate to your passage.  Suppose your passage is Ruth 1:1-12.  Place your mouse in verse 1 and right-click:
Then select the verse range that you wish to copy.  Note the red circle which contains the verse range available.  Since we want verse 1 to verse 12, we are going to click on the 12.
Once you have copied this verse range, you can paste it into your favorite word processor. I highly recommend that you use Google docs for this since it instantly saves and you greatly reduce the possibility that you will lose your work.  You can also use Microsoft Word, Libreoffice, or even Evernote.