Greek I syllabus

William Rainey Harper

Greek I is a four credit course that immerses the student in the grammar, vocabulary, and syntax of the New Testament. This course lays the foundation for the student to continue reading and analyzing the Greek New Testament.  Students have twenty-five lessons to complete. Each lesson has an assignment, a vocabulary quiz , and a grammar quiz. There are no exams.  The class is based on the inductive method of William Rainey Harper and Robert Dick Wilson.
Students who complete Greek I will have been exposed to almost all of the grammar and a large part of the syntax of the New Testament.  More specifically:

Required Texts:

Assignments: Each assignment has four sections:

  1. The first is the translation of the verses from John. Each lesson has two or more such verses, and lesson notes have been prepared to assist the student with this translation.  Answer keys are provided.
  2. The second is a translation of Greek text (not from the NT) into English.
  3. The third is a translation of English text into Greek.
  4. The fourth is a section of sentence diagramming.  Answers are provided.

Grammar Quizzes: The grammar quizzes are based on section #1 above.
Vocabulary Quizzes: The vocab quizzes are online quizzes. The words are taken directly from BBG.

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