Lesson 13

Things to Learn:

1. Who is the Holy Spirit?
He is the third person of the blessed Trinity, one in essence with the Father and the Son. (Acts 5:3, 4)

2. How have you received the Holy Spirit?
He has been given to me by God the Father, for Christ’s sake, to regenerate me, lead me into the truth, comfort me, and abide with me forever. (John 16:13, 14)

3. How do you receive these benefits of the Holy Spirit?
Only as a living member of the church which Christ himself gathers, defends, and preserves in the true faith. (1 Thessalonians 1:4, 5)


Things to Look Up:

  1. Explain what Jesus said to Nicodemus about the Holy Spirit. John 3:5, 8.
  2. How was the Holy Spirit active in Jesus’ life? Luke 1:35; Matt. 3:16; Matt. 4:1.
  3. How does the Holy Spirit work in the lives of God’s people? Roman 8:14, 16, 26.
  4. What promise did Jesus give to his disciples? John 15:26, 27.
  5. How does the Holy Spirit work true conversion in us? Canons of Dort, III-IV, 11.