The Bible

What is the Bible?
We believe that God wrote a book and that this book is the Bible.
How can I get a Bible for myself?
We would love to provide you with a Bible free of charge. Just speak to us at one of our Sunday services.
Above you said that God wrote the Bible. I was taught that the Bible was written by people who lived long ago.
Yes, this is true, yet we believe that these men were used by God to bring His written word to all people. We call this “inspiration”.
What does “inspiration” mean?
We use the term “inspiration” to refer to the fact that God guided the men who wrote the Bible in such a way that what they wrote was free from all error.
Is that what is meant by the term “inerrancy”?
Yes. You can read more about inerrancy in this book.
How can I be sure that there is no error in the Bible?
We know there is no error in the Bible because we know that God cannot lie (Num 23:19).
Why did God give us the Bible?
God gave it to us to teach us things that we could never have learned on our own.
What are these things that God wanted us to know?
The key lessons that God wanted to teach us are first, who God is; and second, what He expects from each of us. You can read more about both of these matters in this book.
What will I find when I read the Bible?
First, you will notice that the Bible is divided up into different books. In fact, there are sixty-six books. These sixty-six books are divided up into two major divisions called the Old Testament and the New Testament.
Why is the Bible divided up into Old and New Testaments?
This reflects the fact that we, as Christians, believe that the coming of Jesus to earth is the most important event in world history. This is why we have this division in our Bibles. The Old Testament refers to things that happened before Jesus came to earth; the New Testament refers to things that happened after Jesus came to earth.
How should I read the Bible?
We recommend that you begin reading the book of John. After you have begun the book of John, you could start reading the book of Genesis. This article also provides very helpful hints on how to read the Bible so that it profits us most.