more detailed instructions


  1. The texts; BBG, GGBB, and MBG.
  2. The Warriners English Grammar (optional)
  3. Paradigm Masters Pro (optional)


Getting started…

  1. Work on pronouncing the entire text until you can speak it out loud and relatively smoothly. For the first two lessons, I provide a phonetic pronunciation to help you. BBG 3.1 or this tells you how to pronounce each letter of the alphabet.
  2. Now translate the text. Use the lesson notes I provided and this or this help you determine what the words mean. Try to make connections between the English grammar that you already know and the Greek grammar that you are learning. What is the subject? What are the verbs? etc. If there is a preposition, find its object. When you come across terms that you don’t understand, click and learn what they mean. Don’t worry if everything isn’t crystal clear the first time around. You will have lots of opportunities to practice. Clarity will come as you move through the lessons.
  3. Once this is complete, do the translation assignments. When finished, upload them to the appropriate place.
  4. Take the vocabulary quiz.
  5. Take the grammar quiz. You will always know what is on the quiz, by consulting the quiz objectives for that particular quiz. Never take a quiz until you have learned all these objectives. Vocab and grammar quizzes are closed book.
  6. The last step is to review your graded quizzes. This is such a crucial step. Learn from your errors! Don’t move on until you know why you were incorrect.

As you work these lessons, don’t worry if there is much that isn’t clear. Just try to learn as much as you can, ask questions, and learn the chapter objectives. Clarity will come.
The basic procedure for each lesson is:

  1. pronounce,
  2. translate,
  3. translation assignment,
  4. quizzes,
  5. quiz review.