The Pastor

From 1978 to 1998, pastor Albert Martin taught a course at the Trinity Ministerial Academy on how to be an effective pastor. Every Friday, students would gather for two hours of instruction on this vital topic. Pastor Martin himself has been pastoring for over 50 years and brings a wealth of experience to bear on all the issues which relate to the pastor and his work. Fortunately, the last time pastor Martin delivered these lectures, they were recorded in video format for the benefit of the church worldwide. These are the lectures which comprise the essence of this course. No matter what the ministry is in which you are involved, we are certain that the instruction contained in these lectures will change the way you approach your work. May God continue to bless these lessons to the advancement of His cause and kingdom.

Unit 1: The Call of the Man of God to the Pastoral Office

Lesson 1General Introduction to the Course
Lesson 2Introduction and Foundational Principles
Lesson 3Fundamental Errors
Lesson 4Elements of Biblical Call – Desire
Lesson 5Elements of Biblical Call: Fitness pt 1 – Character
Lesson 6Elements of Biblical Call: Fitness pt 2 – Experience
Lesson 7Elements of Biblical Call: Fitness pt 3 – Disposition & Faith
Lesson 8Elements of Biblical Call: Fitness pt 4 – Gifts
Lesson 9Elements of Biblical Call: Fitness pt 5 – Mind
Lesson 10Elements of Biblical Call: Fitness pt 6 – Utterance
Lesson 11Elements of Biblical Call: Fitness pt 7 – Leadership
Lesson 12Elements of Biblical Call: Fitness pt 8 – External Confirmation
Lesson 13Elements of Biblical Call: Opportunity & Recognition
Audio Recordings for Unit 1.

Unit 2: The Life of the Man of God in the Pastoral Office

Lesson 1Introduction
Lesson 2In Relationship to God pt 1- Introduction
Lesson 3In Relationship to God pt 2- Word
Lesson 4In Relationship to God pt 3- Secret Prayer
Lesson 5In Relationship to God pt 4- Seasons
Lesson 6In Relationship to God pt 5- Reading
Lesson 7In Relationship to God pt 6- Health
Lesson 8In Relationship to God pt 7- Strength
Lesson 9In Relationship to His People pt 1- Love
Lesson 10In Relationship to His People pt 2- Boldness
Lesson 11In Relationship to His People pt 3- Respect & Confidence
Lesson 12In Relationship to Yourself
Lesson 13In Relationship to Time & Responsibilities
Audio Recordings for Unit 2.

Unit 3: The Preaching Ministry of the Man of God

Lesson 1The Distinction Between Preparation and Delivery
Lesson 2Predominantly Biblical
Lecture 3Selection of Sermonic Materials
Lecture 4Importance of Perspicuity of Form & Structure
Lecture 5Cultivate Perspicuity of Form & Structure
Lecture 6Application in Preaching
Lecture 7Cultivating Aptitude in Application
Lecture 8Illuminating Devices
Lecture 9Earthiness
Lecture 10Appropriate Length of Time
Lecture 11Full Manuscript Pros
Lecture 12Full Manuscript Cons
Audio Recordings for Unit 3.

Unit 4:  The Sermon: Its Content & Form

Lecture 1Different Kinds of Sermons
Lecture 2Legitimacy, Pros & Cons
Lecture 3Texual & Consecutive Expository Sermons
Lecture 4Constituent Elements: Introduction
Lecture 5Introduction Construction
Lecture 6Constituent Elements: Body
Lecture 7Textual Expository Goals
Lecture 8Consecutive Expository Goals
Lecture 9Consecutive Expository pt 2
Lecture 10Constituent Elements: Conclusion
Lecture 11Conclusion Construction
Lecture 12Doing the Work of an Evangelist
Lecture 13Essential Disposition
Audio Recordings for Unit 4.

Unit 5: The Sermon – Its Delivery

Lecture 1Sermon Delivery Foundation
Lecture 2Formative Perspectives
Lecture 3In Relation to God
Lecture 4In Relation to Himself
Lecture 5His Emotional Constitution and Activity
Lecture 6Emotions in Oral Communication
Lecture 7Appropriate Expression of Emotions in Preaching
Lecture 8Vocal Powers
Lecture 9Employment of Vocal Powers
Lecture 10Physical Action in Preaching
Lecture 11In Relationship to Hearers
Lecture 12In Relationship to Written Material
Lesson 13In Relationship to the Environment
Audio Recordings for Unit 5

Unit 6:  The Work of Oversight, Governing, & Shepherding (part 1)

Lecture 1Introduction
Lecture 2Prevailing Disposition
Lecture 3Dominant Dispositions
Lecture 4Biblical Tasks
Lecture 5Corporate Worship
Lecture 6Ordinary Services
Lecture 7Worship
Lecture 8The Lord’s Supper
Lecture 9Baptismal Services
Lecture 10Cultivating Public Prayer
Lecture 11Contents of Public Prayer
Lecture 12Guidelines in Public Prayer
Audio Recordings

Unit 6:  The Work of Oversight, Governing, & Shepherding (part 2)

Lecture 1Services Precipitated by Traditions
Lecture 2Weddings
Lecture 3Funerals
Lecture 4Corporate Prayer
Lecture 5Guidelines Corporate Prayer
Lecture 6Cultivating Ministry of the Body to Itself
Lecture 7Directives for Corrective Church Discipline
Lecture 8Purposes of Corrective Discipline
Lecture 9Forms of Church Discipline
Lecture 10Framework: Plurality of Elders
Lecture 11Framework: Parity with Diversity
Audio Recordings

Unit 7:  Interchurch Communion & Evangelism

Lecture 1Cultivation of Interchurch Communion
Lecture 2Duty of Interchurch Communion
Lecture 3Biblical Mandate for Evangelism
Lecture 4Biblical Motives for Evangelism
Lecture 5Means for Evangelism
Lecture 6Pastoral Counseling
Lecture 7Setting of Pastoral Counseling
Lecture 8Presuppositions regarding the Person Counseled (part 1)
Lecture 9Presuppositions regarding the Person Counseled (part 2)
Lecture 10Presuppositions regarding the Counsel Given
Lecture 11Guidelines before and after the Session
Lecture 12 Treating the Problem
Lecture 13 Assessing Progress & Dismissal
Lecture 14 Ethics of Pastoral Counseling
Audio Recordings

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