Lesson 18

Memory Work:

1. Why has Christ instituted the Lord’s Supper?
He has given this sacrament, so that in true repentance and faith we may remember him by it and show forth his death until he comes again. (I Cor. 11:26)

2. What benefit does the believer receive from the Supper?
By this Supper Christ feeds and nourishes us in a true faith and so unites us to himself by his Holy Spirit, that we as members of his body become bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. (John 6:51,56)

3. Why must believers faithfully come to this Supper?
Because this is plainly commanded in Scripture, and God grants his blessing only to those who trust and obey. (Luke 22:19)

4. But is this Supper, then, instituted for everybody?
Indeed not, it is only for those who have truly examined themselves. (I Cor. 11:28)

5. How can we rightly examine ourselves?
We must find in our hearts and lives: first, a holy displeasure with ourselves because of our sins; second, a sincere trust in Christ as our only Savior and Lord; and third, an earnest desire to live a godly life.


Things to Look Up:

  1. How and with whom did the Lord institute his Supper? Luke 22:14, 19, 20.
  2. Show the connection between the Passover and the Lord’s Supper. I Cor. 5:6,7.
  3. What is the relationship between the Lord’s Supper and our church fellowship? I Cor. 10:16,17.
  4. With what judgment did the Lord visit the church which did not keep the Lord’s Supper rightly? I Cor. 11:30,32.
  5. Do all partakers of the sacrament actually receive Christ himself? Belgic Confession, art. XXXV (5th paragraph).

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