Two vowels that produce one sound. As in “aisle”. The “ai” is two letters but one sound.



In Greek, the dipthongs are:

αι as in aisle αἴρω
ει as in eight εἰ
οι as in oil οἰκία
αυ as in sauerkraut αὐτός
ου as in soup οὐδέ
υι as in suite υἱός
ευ, ηυ as in feud εὐθύς or ηὔξανεν.

When ι unites with long α, η or ω to form one sound, the ι is written under the other letter instead of after it, and is called iota subscript. Thus ᾳ, ῃ, ῳ. This iota subscript has no effect whatever upon the pronunciation; ᾳ being pronounced like long α, ῃ like η, ῳ like ω. source



See video or pdf.

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