Lecture 1 – Services Precipitated by Traditions

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 The Work of Shepherding, Overseeing, Leading and Governing by the Man of God in the Pastoral Office

 Module 1 – The Call of the Man of God to the Pastoral Office
 Module 2 – The Life of the Man of God in the Pastoral Office
 Modules 3-5 – The Preaching Ministry Of the Man of God in the Pastoral Office
 Module 6 – The Work of Shepherding and Overseeing the Flock of God (Part 1)
a. In Module #6, I gave the first part of our study on this vast and vital theme of “The work of shepherding and overseeing the flock of God.”
 b. In that unit, I first of all sought to address two very vital aspects of this second great area of the responsibilities of those recognized as gifts of Christ to serve within that church as “pastors and teachers.” The things I addressed were:
  The task in its ESSENCE
 c. The first category of concern which we addressed with you was that of our responsibilities in conjunction with the planning and leading of those public gatherings of the church for worship and ministry.
d. In beginning to address this subject, I stated that those services can be divided into two basic categories – (1) services clearly mandated by the Word of God, and (2) services precipitated by ecclesiastical and cultural traditions.
 e. We had time only to address directives touching that first category – namely, services mandated by the Word of God. This included the ordinary services of the gathered church for worship, for baptisms, and for engaging in the Lord’s supper.
f. My first task in this module is to set before you guidelines relative to that second category of gatherings of the people of God – namely, those services precipitated by ecclesiastical and cultural expectations.
Section 1: The Biblical Tasks Pertaining to the Life and Activity of the Church
I. Directives for ordering the Corporate Worship of God
 1. Introductory Perspectives
 2. General Directives for the Ordinary Service of Worship
 3. Directives for Special Gatherings for Worship Mandated by the Word of God
 4. Guidelines for Cultivating the Gift of Public Prayer
 5. Directives for Cultivating the Skill of the Public Reading of the Scriptures
 6. Directives for Services Precipitated by Ecclesiastical and Cultural Traditions
 Introduction: Their legitimacy
 Gal. 6:10
John Eadie, Commentary on the Epistle of Paul to the Galatians, (Minneapolis: James and Klock Christian Publishing Co., 1977), p. 452.
1 Cor. 9:19-23
1. General principles which apply to such services
a. Never relinquish your position and identity as a man of God who is subject to the Word of God in all things.
1 Cor. 7:23
2 Tim. 4:1-2
b. Never compromise truth and righteousness in order to get an opportunity to speak truth or to win a future hearing for the truth.

2 Cor. 4:1-2

2 Jn. 1:10-11

c. Do not assume that to be a man of God you must of necessity cause offense and make enemies.
 Mk. 6:20
 Rom. 12:18
 Heb. 12:14
 Lk. 5:29-32
 Mt. 10:16
 d. Do not assume that to be a man of God you must convert every culturally precipitated ministry into an extended and pointed evangelistic meeting.
1 Cor. 13:5
e. You must give careful and detailed planning and direction to such gatherings.
 1 Cor. 14:40
 f. You must reflect in your person, dress and demeanor the climate you wish to be evident or which you believe ought to exist at such gatherings.
 Eccl. 7:2-3
Rom. 12:15
1 Cor. 13:5
 g. You must cry to God that you may be clothed in the power of the Spirit in the discharge of these ministerial functions.
1 Cor. 2:1-5
1 Thess. 1:5
 Lk. 11:13
Acts 6:10

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