object complement

An object complement is a noun or pronoun that follows and modifies a DO. (cf. factitive) The word order is SUBJECT + VERB + DO + OBJECT COMPLEMENT. In each of the sentences below, the object complement is highlighted. Notice how all of them modify the DO.

  • We elected him chairman. (chairman is a noun)
  • The class elected the smallest boy president. (“president” modifies “boy” which is the DO of the verb “elected”)
  • και τοις τας περιστερας πωλουσιν ειπεν αρατε ταυτα εντευθεν μη ποιειτε τον οικον του πατρος μου οικον εμποριου. (οικον is modifying the previous τον οικον which is the DO of ποιειτε)

An object complement can be a noun as in the above examples, or it can be an adjective. For instance;

  • We painted the house red. (“red” is an adjective modifying “house” which is the DO of the verb “painted”)
  • God declares a sinner just at the moment of justification. (“just” modifies sinner which is the DO of “declares”)
  • The clown made the children very excited. (The participle “excited” modifies “children” which is the DO of “made”)

This is a common use of the accusative case in Greek (GGBB p. 182). In Hebrew, the piel is sometimes used this way.    video

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