Assimilation is when one letter is merged into another.

  1. The nun in the preposition מן will often assimilate into the first consonant of the noun to which it is prefixed. The assimilated nun is represented by a dagesh-forte. video
  2. Some of the suffixes in the QTL forms have a ת. If the verb already ends in a ת, then the two ת join into one with a dagesh-forte. The verb כרת “to cut” is an example.
  3. The final way is in the Hitpael. The “hit” prefix will lose its tav whenever it is attached to a verb beginning with a zayin, dalet, or a tet.  video  The tav becomes a dagesh in the first, root consonant (BBH 34.13).
  4. First-nun verbs are notorious assimilators.   video

Quiesce, Elide, and Assimilate
Went out for a stroll about half past eight.
Quiesce was seen, but never heard.
Elide disappeared without a word.
Whatever happened to assimilate?
A footprint dagesh points to his fate.

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