Hebrew verb

Hebrew verbs have seven different forms or what are sometimes called stems:

  1. Qal – simple active
  2. Nifal – simple passive
  3. Piel – intensive active
  4. Pual – Intensive passive
  5. Hifil – causative active
  6. Hofal – causative passive
  7. Hitpael – reflexive

The first of these species is called Qal light it no other than the three radical letters appear only in their single power The other names from to do being the forms assumed by in each species severally

To each of these species belong a preterite and future two forms of the infinitive called respectively the absolute and the construct a participle and except to the Pual and Hophal which as pure passives cannot express a command an imperative The Kal alone has two par ticiples

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