A verb is the centerpiece of every clause. There are linking verbs, action verbs, and helping verbs. Unlike a verbal, a verb always has a subject and can be transitive.  Verbs are further classified in terms of voice, person, and tense.  In English, there are three simple tenses and these are subdivided further.

Simple tenses:  Past Present Future

These can be further subdivided into the perfect, progressive, and emphatic:

Past perfect Present perfect Future perfect

Past progressive Present progressive Future progressive

Past emphatic Present emphatic (there is no future emphatic tense)



Study chapter 15 in BBG. There are five tenses:

Present Imperfect Future Aorist Perfect

See all the verb endings here.



Start here.  There are two verb forms and seven stems:

Affix form, also called perfect or QTL. Prefix form, also called imperfect or YQTL.

Stems:  qal, nifal, hifil, hofal, piel, pual, and hitpael

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