Lesson 17

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Memory Work:

Q1. Can we take away our sin?
A. We cannot take away our sin because we are guilty before God.

Q2. Who alone can take our guilt away?
A. Only Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to earn our righteousness before God.

Q3. How can you receive the righteousness of Jesus?
A. Jesus’ righteousness is imputed to me by faith alone.

Q4. Which blessings do you receive by such a faith?
A. Because of Jesus, God accepts me as His child and forgives all my sins.

Q5. What prayer should you pray, when your sins trouble you?
A. Lord, cover all my sins with the righteousness of Jesus, my only Savior.


Talking Things Over:

  1. We know about God as our Creator and as our heavenly Father, but He is also the Judge of us and of all people.  Why must God judge and condemn sins?  Why can’t He simply forget about them?
  2. We need righteousness to become “right” with God.  Can you show that none of our works are really righteous?  How did Jesus “fulfill all righteousness?”
  3. Isn’t it wonderful when people adopt children without parents or homes into their family?  When God accepts us for Jesus’ sake, He adopts us into His covenant family.  What privileges does this give you?  How should God’s family behave towards each other?


Words to Remember:

  • Guilt – A guilty person is someone who must be punished to pay for his or her sin.
  • Righteous – A righteous person is someone who is right with God and does not need to undergo any punishment.
  • Adoption – This is when God takes someone who was not born into His family and makes them one of His family, that is one of His sons or daughters.
  • Imputation – This is when God takes away our guilt and gives us the perfect righteousness of Jesus.  When God does this, our guilt is eliminated, and we become right with God.
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