Lesson 18

A Course in Reformed DoctrineLesson 123456, 7 (review lesson), 8910111213, 14 (review lesson), 151617181920, 21 (review lesson), 222324252627, 28 (review lesson)

Memory Work:

Q1. Who works saving faith in us?
A. The Holy Spirit alone can work that faith in us.

Q2. How does He work this faith?
A. He works that faith by opening our hearts to Gospel preaching.

Q3. What is true faith?
A. It is the faith that knows Christ and trusts Him.

Q4. How was Lydia’s faith strengthened?
A. Her faith was strengthened by receiving baptism for herself and her household.

Q5. How did Lydia show thankfulness to God for salvation?
A. She opened her home to Paul and his helpers.


Talking Things Over:

  1. The Bible speaks about our heart as our real self, “the inner man”. Why is it not enough simply to know something about Jesus?
  2. Not everybody can be a missionary, sent to preach Christ where He is not known.  How many missionaries do you know?  How can you help them in their work?
    do you know?
  3. Lydia’s household included servants and, perhaps, children.  What difference do you think her faith made in that family?  What difference does it make in your home?


Words to Remember:

  • Gospel – The word means “good news” about God and salvation.
  • Apostle – means “someone sent out”.  The word “missionary” means the same.
  • Disciple – means “a learner”; one who is a pupil eager to learn about salvation.
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