Lesson 19

A Course in Reformed DoctrineLesson 123456, 7 (review lesson), 8910111213, 14 (review lesson), 151617181920, 21 (review lesson), 222324252627, 28 (review lesson)

Memory Work:

Q1. How does the Holy Spirit strengthen our faith?
A. He strengthens our faith by preaching and by the two sacraments: baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Q2. What are sacraments?
A. Sacraments are visible signs and seals of God’s grace to us.

Q3. What does baptism signify and seal to us?
A. It promises that Christ will wash away the sins of all who truly believe in Him.

Q4. What duty do baptized people have?
A. As God’s people they must be willing to learn more about Him and to walk in His ways.

Q5. Who should receive baptism?
A. Baptism is to be given to believers and to their children.


Talking Things Over:

  1. Our faith is sometimes very weak. We need to be strengthened in faith by the Spirit. How can your faith be strengthened?
  2. Can you explain why we remember what we see better than what we hear? Why do pictures need words to explain them? Of what is baptism a picture?
  3. Why did Christ use such a simple thing as water in baptism? Why do you need His washing? Are babies also sinful and unclean?


Words to Remember:

  • Pollution – is the uncleanness of our sins which only Jesus can wash away.
  • Sign – a picture which points to something beyond itself.
  • Seal –  a sure promise, the guarantee that God gives us of His salvation in Christ.
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