Lesson 6

A Course in Reformed DoctrineLesson 123456, 7 (review lesson), 8910111213, 14 (review lesson), 151617181920, 21 (review lesson), 222324252627, 28 (review lesson)

Memory Work:

Q1. Will everyone be saved by the Mediator Jesus Christ?
A. No, only those who receive Him by a true faith will be saved.

Q2. What is true faith?
A. It is the faith that knows Christ and trusts Him.

Q3. How do we learn to know Christ and trust Him?
A. We learn this from the Bible.

Q4. Why must we believe all that the Bible contains?
A. Because it is the infallible Word of God.

Q5. How do we get true faith?
A. True faith is a gift from God which the Holy Spirit works in our hearts.


Talking Things Over:

  1. Abraham did not have a Bible. How did he know about God’s promises?
  2. Why are Bible Study, catechism training, and church attendance so important to our faith?
  3. What does Hebrews 11:17-19 say about Abraham’s trust in God?
  4. Can a person simply decide to have faith?  What does it mean that faith is a gift of God?


Words to Remember:

Faith – the gift of God which lets us know God and trust Him.
Knowledge – We must know what God says in the Bible.  Knowing is an important part of our faith.
Infallible – Because the Bible is God’s word, we know that it cannot have any errors or mistakes in it. It can be trusted.

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