tense formative

A tense formative is an affix that indicates a change in tense.  The tense formative in English is the suffix -ed as in I walk (present tense) and I walked (past tense).  In Greek, the tense formative is an infix as the κα in λελυκαμεν is a tense formative indicating the perfect tense.  Other tense formatives in Greek are (the more common are bolded):

  1. future active tense σ
  2. Liquid future active εσ (BBG 20.11)
  3. first aorist active σα
  4. first aorist active liquid α
  5. aorist passive θη
  6. future passive θησ
  7. perfect active κα
  8. second perfect active α (BBG 25.14)
  9. perfect active participle κ


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