Lesson 1

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Memory Work:

Q1. What must you know to live and die happily?
A. I must know God and His way of salvation.

Q2. Where is the way of salvation taught?
A. In the Bible, which is the Word of God.

Q3. What is the first great truth the Bible teaches you?
A. My sin and misery are very great.

Q4. What is the second great truth the Bible teaches you?
A. Jesus Christ saves me from my sin.

Q5. What is the third great truth the Bible teaches you?
A. I must live a holy life in thankfulness to God.


Talking Things Over:

  1. Why must we know about our sin? How can we know about it?
  2. What does Psalm 51 tell us about how David felt about his sin?  How do you feel about your sin?
  3. How does David ask God for salvation in the Psalm?
  4. How does David promise that he would show his thankfulness?
  5. How can you show thankfulness to God in your life?


Words to Remember:

  • Happiness – the joy that comes from belonging to Jesus.
  • Misery – the sorrow and pain which comes from sin.
  • Salvation – God’s work of taking away our sins through Jesus Christ.


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