Lesson 22

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Memory Work:

Q1. What should we who believe in Jesus as our Savior do?
A. We should show our thankfulness to Him in every part of our lives.

Q2. How can we show this thankfulness?
A. We can show this thankfulness in our thoughts and words and deeds.

Q3. Why is such thankfulness necessary for us?
A. Thankfulness brings glory to God who sent Jesus to save us.

Q4. What other blessing does much thankfulness give?
A. It shows us that we have a true and saving faith in Jesus.

Q5. Can other people also be blessed by our thankful lives?
A. Yes, by our words and deeds we may lead others to seek Jesus as their Savior.


Talking Things Over:

1. Can you describe leprosy?  Why did God give this as a picture of what sin does to us?

2. Do you find it hard to really give thanks to your parents and friends? How do you show thanks to God for His blessings? How does a happy and thankful life help other people to seek Jesus?


Words To Remember:

  • Miracles – God’s mighty works which nobody can explain.  They are signs of God’s activity, and they teach us something about our salvation.
  • Pity – is feeling sorry for someone who is suffering.  The word means the same as Mercy.
  • Glorify – the act by which we show in word and deed how great and wonderful God is.


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