Lesson 24

A Course in Reformed DoctrineLesson 123456, 7 (review lesson), 8910111213, 14 (review lesson), 151617181920, 21 (review lesson), 222324252627, 28 (review lesson)

Memory Work:

Q1. What fruit does a saving faith in Jesus produce?
A. Saving faith produces good works.

Q2. How can we know which works are good in God’s sight?
A. God approves works which are done in faith and in obedience to His law.

Q3. What is God’s law?
A. God’s law is His rule for our lives, briefly stated in the Ten Commandments.

Q4. Can we keep that law perfectly?
A. No, every day we still find sin in our lives.

Q5. What must we do when we see such sin in us?
A. We must again turn to God and ask to be forgiven for Jesus’ sake.


Talking Things Over:

1. Why do you think Jesus first preached to the people before He went to die on the cross? How does preaching tell you about God’s will? Why do you need Jesus every day? and
2. The Bible tells us that only believers are blessed. This word means “happy”. How happy are you? Do you think church members are happier than worldly people?
3. Have you ever tried hard to be good and obedient, only to fail? How does that make you feel? The Bible tells us to fight against our sin. How can we do this?


Words to Remember:

  • Good Works – works done in faith and in obedience to God’s law.
  • Ten Commandments – God’s law as taught in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5.  They teach us to love God above all and our neighbors as ourselves.

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