Lesson 26

A Course in Reformed DoctrineLesson 123456, 7 (review lesson), 8910111213, 14 (review lesson), 151617181920, 21 (review lesson), 222324252627, 28 (review lesson)

Memory Work:

Q1. What is prayer?
A. Prayer is calling upon God in petition and praise.

Q2. Why must we pray?
A. Because God gives His grace and Holy Spirit only to those who ask.

Q3. How should we call on God in prayer?
A. We should pray in reverence, submission, and faith.

Q4. In whose name are we to come to God?
A. We may come to God in prayer only in the name of Jesus our Savior.

Q5. For what may we pray?
A. We may pray for all we need for body and soul, as Jesus taught us in the Lord’s Prayer.


Talking Things Over:

1. Learning to pray is somewhat like going to school.  Always we are to learn more. What do you know about prayer? What can you learn from the prayers of your parents, your teachers, your preachers?

2. Often our prayers seem very selfish, don’t they?  How much do you thank God for what He gives?  How much do you pray for other people?

3. All of us learn through memorized “form” prayers taught by others.  Even some prayers in church are “form” prayers.  Can you give an example? How can these prayers help us to pray more personal prayers?


Words to Remember:

  • Petition  – the requests which we make known to God.
  • Reverence – is respect for God, because He alone is great and holy and good.
  • Submission – is letting God have His way with our lives.

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