Lesson 27

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Memory Work:

Q1. How did Jesus teach us to address God?
A. He commanded us to say, “Our Father in heaven”.

Q2. For what are we to ask first?
A. We should pray first that God may be praised and glorified.

Q3. May we also pray for ourselves?
A. Yes. Jesus teaches us to pray for the needs of our bodies and our souls.

Q4. Can God answer our prayers?
A. Yes. He can and will answer, because all kingdom and power and glory belong to Him.

Q5. How do we confess our faith that God will hear and answer prayer?
A. We confess our faith by saying “Amen”, which means it shall surely be.


Talking Things Over:

1. Why are some people very afraid of God? Should they be? Are you afraid of God? Explain why believing in Jesus takes fear of God away.

2. The kingdom is Christ’s rule in our hearts and lives. How can you show that Christ rules? How do missions extend that kingdom?

3. Some people carefully write out their prayers at times. Others also make prayer-lists. What do you think of all this. Your mother makes out grocery-lists. Why and how do those help her?


Words to Remember:

  • Kingdom – is God’s rule in and over our lives as well as over the world. God rules through Jesus Christ.
  • Amen is a Hebrew word which means “It shall truly and surely be”.

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