missing letter rules

The missing letter rule assists the grammarian in finding the missing letter of the YQTL forms.  Take note of the vowel under the prefix:

  1. If it is a sere, then the missing letter is from the beginning of the verb and is likely a yod (the verb הלך also fits in this category).
  2. If it is a qamats, the missing letter will be from the middle of the root and will be a holem-vav, holem, or hiriq-yod (called hollow verbs).
  3. If a root appears to begin with the same two letters (via a dagesh-forte), then the missing letter is an initial nun. The nun assimilated into the following letter; and hence, the dagesh-forte.
  4. If the vowel is anything other than a sere or qamats, then the missing letter is from the end of the root and is a ה.

See KHW 3.1, 6.1a, 7.1a, and 12.1.

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