Lesson 3

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Memory Work:

Q1. Did God create man to be sinful?
A. No, God created man good and in His own image.

Q2. What does it mean that man was made in God’s image?
A. It means he was created to love God and do His will.

Q3. What was Adam and Eve’s sin?
A. They disobeyed God and ate fruit from the forbidden tree.

Q4. Why did they sin?
A. Because they listened to Satan instead of God.

Q5. How did all men become sinners?
A. All men became sinners through the sin of Adam and Eve.


Talking Things Over:

  1. What was Satan’s lie (Genesis 3:4-5)?
  2. What was the warning God gave Adam and Eve about eating from the forbidden tree (Genesis 2:17)?
  3. Whose fault was that first sin? Whom did Adam try to blame for his sin? (read Genesis 3:12 carefully). Whose fault are your sins?
  4. In what ways was man like God when he was created? What happened when he sinned?


Words to Remember:

  • Image Of God – The way man was created to love God and do His will.
  • Satan – A wicked angel who hates God and tries to lead God’s people into sin. Other names for him are the Devil, the Evil One, the Tempter.
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