Lesson 16

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Memory Work:

Q1. What is the church of Christ?
A. It is the gathering of all true believers and their children.

Q2. How is the church gathered together?
A. Christ gathers His church by His Spirit and Word.

Q3. Where does Christ gather His church?
A. He gathers His people out of all nations and different kinds of people.

Q4. Where do we find the true church?
A. The true church is found wherever the Gospel is purely preached and sincerely believed.

Q5. Which blessings does Christ give the church?
A. He gives the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and life everlasting.

Q6. What is the duty of all believers?
A. Believers are called to speak out for God and to live for His service.


Talking Things Over:

  1. The word church means “those who belong to the Lord.”  How can you tell whether you belong to Him?
  2. Can you find four “marks” which show you where the true church is?  You may find them in Acts 2:42.  Are they found in your church?
  3. Preaching is the work of explaining the Bible, which tells us about God and salvation, to the people.  How did Peter do this?  What text did he use?  How does your preacher do this?
  4. Why is preaching important for you?


Words to Remember:

  • Covenant – This is the agreement which God made with His people.  He promises to be their God, and they must place their full trust Him.
  • Repentance – This is when we are convicted of our sin and learn to hate it.  We then confess that sin to God and do all we can to eliminate that sin from our life.  We also ask God for His forgiveness.
  • Forgiveness – This is when God cancels out our guilt because of what Jesus did in our place.
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