verb sum up sheet

Finite Verbs:

  • Affix – used to denote simple, completed action. Translated in the past tense.
  • Prefix – used to denote incomplete action. Translated in the future tense, but usually is reversed by a vav-conversive.

Volitional Conjugations:

Cohortative – (first person)

    1. Let us do such and such…
    2. I will do…
    3. We will do such and such…

Imperative – Command (second person)

Jussive – (third person)

    1. May he do such and such…
    2. Let them do such and such…
    3. He or they shall do such and such…


Infinitive construct – functions as a noun or adverb.

Noun: subject, object (complementary infinitive), or PN.


  1. Purpose – answers the “why?” question.
  2. Inceptive – “about to…”
  3. Temporal – answers the “when?” question.
  4. Manner – answers the “how?” question.

Infinitive absolute – Grammatical intensifier. “He shall surely die.”


Translate with a dependent clause unless it is predicate usage.

  • Substantive – the participle functions as a noun; e.g. The ones who were guarding the fort fled.
  • Attributive – the participle functions as an adjective; e.g. The soldiers, who were guarding the fort, fled.
  • Predicate – The participle is a PA; e.g. The soldiers were fleeing the fort[/su_tooltip].

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